Understanding Content Strategy

What is it >> The business-driven, User-focused process of defining, planning and managing content to meetspesific goal, often over a long period of time.

What To Do >>Whether you have a product launch, on upcoming event, a new campaign to launch or you need enterprise-level assistance, the following steps can guide you through and help you make a difference on any scale.

Know Yourself >> Clearly understand and define your content strategy objectives.

• Define your objectives.
• Align with corporate goals.
• Know your brand identity.
• Clarify key messaging.
• Identify stakeholders.
• Be aware of influencers.

Know Your Users >> Clearly define your end-users, their goals, behaviors and desires.

• Who are they?
• What do they care about?
• What do they think of you?
• Where do they get content?
• What content types do tehy like?
• What’s the user journey?

Know Your Content >> Know what you have and what you need in context of business and user goals.

• Perform a content audit.
• Analyze goals.
• Define types and topics.
• Map to user goals.
• Align with business goals.
• Research keywords.

Set Your Plan >> Strategize by audence, channel, location and your users position in the Customer experience journey.

• Define tactics, topics, types.
• Assign resources.
• Establish delivery channels,
• Define KPI’s
• Set frequency / calendar
• Determine governance / maintenance.

Execute Your Strategy >> Understand that you are engaging users fort he long term. Be willing to commit.

• Engage creators / curators.
• Implement your tactics.
• Engage with end-users.
• Monitor activities.
• Measure succes.
• Modify as needed.

You don’t have to complete the process from start to finish to make an impact with content strategy. Do what you can, on any scale. Anything you do will make a difference.


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