How Often Should You Post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google Plus.

What should I post on social networks and when should I post it?

Social Media Posting Strategies

Facebook posting strategies:

Facebook is a low volume/high value network. Don’t post too frequently – fans get frustrated with too many posts.
Minimum: 3X per week.
Maximum: 10X per week.
Aim for quality content vs. quantity.

Twitter sharing strategies:

Twitter is a high volume/low value network. You can share more here because of the fast pace conversations happening.
Min: 5X per day.
Max: None.

Google+ content sharing strategies:

Google+ is a low volume/high value network. Posting more frequently on Google+ gives Google the search engine more content, keywords and expertise to index and to link to you and your business.
Min: 3X per week.
Max: 10x per week.

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